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This page features photo galleries of our collection of dolls.

Dolls to Dress

Purchased from Debbie Ohm Miniatures

  May, 2024.

Dolls to Dress 2024

A "Sprite" made by Dana

I won this little girl created on a spoon!

She is Dana's Burton's prototype for a Mini Doll List project.

  May, 2024.

Rose's Green Silk & Lace Dress

Porcelain doll in the likeness of “Rose from the movie Titanic.”

Patricia Rose mold cast, fired, painted & assembled with a turnable head

by Ang Andrew, The Highland Dollmaker. UK.

Dressed, wigged & accessorized by Charlene.

White lace and flowers from Dragonfly International.

Viscose from Lillian Bass of Lilli's Littles, 

Hat is fashioned from a plastic dixie cup. 

Purse is made of two tassels by bead landing.

Heart of the Ocean "blue diamond" necklace

by Sun Lemmens, (Nalladris), The Netherlands.

THANK YOU ANG, she is beautiful!

  May 6, 2024.

"Rose in the Yellow Day Dress"

Porcelain doll in the likeness of “Rose from the movie Titanic.”

“Rose” mold by Deidra Bell Spann circa 1991.

Wigged, jeweled and marketed by Ayanna Sculptures, Washington DC, in 2000.

A find from Lisa’s Vintage Miniatures, Lancaster PA Miniature Show, 2023.

Assembled and dressed by Charlene.

Dress pattern by Dana Burton (Dana of Miniature Art).

Yellow silk from Dragonfly International.

Shaw made from a vintage handkerchief with an embroidered rose.

Pair of deck chairs from Lynlott Miniatures, Pittsburgh, PA.

  April 24, 2024.

Little Girl on Rocking Lamb

 porcelain poured, fired, painted and assembled by Pat Melvin, dressed, wigged, and lamb accessorized  
by Charlene 

Class at the Chicago International Show.

  April 4, 2024.