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This page features photo galleries of our collection of dolls.

Little Girl on Rocking Lamb

 porcelain poured, fired, painted and assembled by Pat Melvin, dressed, wigged, and lamb accessorized  
by Charlene 

Class at the Chicago International Show.

  April 4, 2024.

Little Red Riding Hood

& The Big Bad Wolf Diorama 
"Red" assembled, dressed, wigged, and accessorized; 

Wolf accented, furred and dressed 
by Charlene 

"Red" is made from Dana Burton’s doll kit

received in June of 2023, and represents an adult version of the character.

Her porcelain is poured, fired, cleaned and painted by Dana.

In addition to the kit fabrics

- the black, red and white floral trim is from Dragonfly International.

Her hair is “Red” colored viscose from Lillian Bass.

Her necklace is fashioned from a metallic "bit or bob" and a nail art gem. 

Her basket is by D-Tales Miniatures.

Her wine bottle was made by Pat Jackson.

The big bad wolf was first cast by Bonnie of Bonnies Miniature Dolls,

then strung by Sandra of SASminiDolls.

I then worked a little magic upon him by adding additional facial features,

“Wolf” colored viscose from Lillian Bass,

and custom-made “Grandma’s” robe, bonnet and slippers.

The bedspread is from the previous Pookah’s Place in New Hampshire.

The pleated burgundy ruffled lace for the bed skirt

and valance are from Debbie Ohm Miniatures.

The curtain panels and door topper is from Barbara O’Brien Miniatures.

The ecru silk for the linens are from Joanne Roberts.

Grandma’s cottage is made from a bricked and papered foamboard shell,

a $3 find at NAME’s bargain table at Philadelphia Miniaturia.

It was cut down to fit within an acrylic box,

co-existing on a landscaped piece of MDF with a second box housing

8 storybook versions of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

The furnishings include a mahogany bed, desk, teacart, 

and white upholstered wing chair.

The Reutter Porcelain tiled stove with Roseband design is from Karen’s Dollhouse.

The cake server, candlesticks, soup tureen with ladle, and tray are vintage pieces.

Lastly, assorted collectables decorate the shelf encircling the room.

 March 2024.

Angel Gabriella 
Assembled, dressed, wigged, and accessorized
by Charlene 

Inspired by Dana Burton’s Angel tutorial
in American Miniaturist Magazine (Issue 244).

Her porcelain is made from Cynthia Howe’s Felicity mold,
poured and painted and with full porcelain arms and legs,
all by Carrie of “It’s the Little Things Porcelain”.

The Gold lace comprising her bodice and accenting her gown
is from Deb at Dragonfly international (Chicago International Show 2023).

Her blue and gold patterned specialty fabric and wood base are from Dana.

The light blue fabric accented by gold religious symbols
was purchased from Debbie Ohm Miniatures.

She sits upon a vintage Cake decorating stand by Wilton.

Her wings are craft items purchased from Amazon reconfigured for scale.

Her hair is “Chocolate” colored viscose from Lillian Bass.

Her crown, and star garland (a strand of beads),
are both from Michael’s Craft Store.

And her name, one of my very favorites,
means “Heroine of God”!

 February 2024.

2nd doll in the Hyde Park Series

Assembled, dressed, wigged, and accessorized
by Charlene 
Painted porcelain doll kit a
nd tutorial by Dana Burton.  
 January 2024.