This page features photo galleries of our collection of dolls.

  Assembled, dressed, wigged, and accessorized
as inspired by Violet of the Bridgerton Netflix Series 

 Charlene, May2022.
Porcelain poured and painted by Dana Burton.
Blackberry colored viscose hair by Lillislittles.
Hairstyle as assigned in Dana's School of Wigging Experienced Class.
Fabrics and ribbon from JoAnne Roberts.
Gold colored finding from Bindels Ornaments (Netherlands).
Purple flowers from Beadspage (Singapore).

Lady Figurines by Lenox
  Bring life to Lady Antoinette ...

  Assembled, dressed, wigged, jeweled and accessorized
in honor of
 the Greek Goddess of Love &Fertility
by Charlene, April 2022.

Porcelain kit by Carrie of It's the Little Things Porcelain
Wigging tutorial "Lanny" by Dana Burton

 Assembled, dressed, wigged, jeweled and accessorized 
by Charlene, February 2022

Kit by Dana Burton, 2020

 Assembled, dressed, wigged, and extra bling
(taking Tassie from a Medieval Maiden to a Medieval Princess) 
by Charlene, February 2022

Kit by Dana Burton, 2020
 with Guardian Cat Talbot by JIL

Assembly and a "little" extra lace
by Charlene & Nancy

Kit by Dana Burton 

Tudor Gentleman by Veronica Ann Pickup
Purchased from The Tiny Dollhouse, New York 
Through the New Kensington Show


Victorian Girl by Debbie
(of Dixon Paver Dolls on Etsy)
I named her Mariana after a mini-friend

Shopkeeper by Fern Vasi
(of FernVasiDolls on Etsy)
I named him Anthony
He's holding a silver candlestick
(by Pete of
(My NAME Online Convention Luncheon Gifts)