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"Avon Calling"
Victorian Half-Scale Yellow Cottage

The Backstory:

Persis Foster Eames (P.F.E.) Albee (born in 1836)

became the first sales rep for the California Perfume Co.

(later becoming Avon).

Successful Avon representatives earn Albee memorabilia

including porcelain figurines (1987- 2019).

My mom, daughter, and myself have collections

of these full-scale exquisitely made porcelain figurines

dressed in Edwardian-style attire, and accessorized with

hats, sales cases, parasols, flowers, and even a puppy or two, etc.

They range between 9 1/2 and 12 inches in height. 

I've also started a collection of the equivalent

mini-figurines, marketed within individual glass domes. 

These are 3 inches in height (consistent with 1/2 scale dolls).

I recently acquired this 1/2 scale yellow cottage

from the estate of the late Joan DeRose of Greensburg, PA. 

It's mounted upon a hidden spinner

and uniquely surrounds a pair of drawers;

allowing for both display and storage. 

The finishes both inside and out are in perfect condition. 

The paper appears to be a vintage Holly Hobby print. 

I'm excited to light the front display and

expand my mini-Albee figurine collection to be housed within.

I have 15 so far!


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