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The Carmelita

Paul Bronder built and sold dollhouses in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania


His dollhouses are custom-made,

and identified by a metal plate engraved... 

MADE WITH LOVE by Paul A. Bronder and the year.

We acquired this beautiful dollhouse by Paul on January 21, 2020.

We've named her Carmelita after his late wife.

We've researched a little about Paul,

and started the Facebook Group:

Collectors of Paul Bronder Dollhouses 

on February 5, 2020.

Visit the page HERE

On October 22, 2023,

Pam, one of our FB Group Members, 

purchased Carmelita. 

She is so excited to complete a remodel 

and we couldn't be happier for her.  

The Carmelita's Copper Kitchen

Refreshing of our 1st Paul Bronder house has begun!!

Enjoy our photo galleries along the way...

beginning with our copper themed kitchen! 

June - July 2022

Feature artists/collections: (credits in photo captions)

Dee Daw Designs (UK) - furnishings

Jennifer Khan Miniatures (Scotland) - wallpaper and fabric

Les Chinoiseries (Spain) - flooring

Personal treasures from Mike Guidry Miniatures - carpet

Bodo Hennig (Germany) - copper pots and pans and display shelf of molds

Chairs, Refrigerator, window cornices

- chalk painted and customized by Charlene

Curtains - added August 2022

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