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Meet Mini at Heart Member

Ree of Sharredawn Miniatures


Ree joined Mini at Heart in 2020.

Ree is a knowledgeable, experienced, and talented miniaturist. 

She works in several scales and offers excellent advice

to fellow miniaturists- both newbie and seasoned alike.

She is a gifted cross-stitch/embroiderer-

 often creating her own patterns in minute counts.


Ree works at Lynlott Miniatures in Pittsburgh, PA.

There she assists Debbie in many ways including:

sales and mailings,

dollhouse construction & wiring, 

miniature estate management-

researching artisans and pieces and pricing, 

and display set up and tear down - in house and at shows,

just to name a little of her roles.


Ree's Mother's Day Room box tutorial was published in American Miniaturist Magazine in the May issue.


Ree attended IGMA's Guild School in fall

and she has a head start on her return in 2022. 

She's inspired to advance her floral-making,

upholstery, wood-making and sculpting skills. 



Ree attended Guild School in July. 

In September she taught a class at the Guild Show

where she was recognized for being awarded

IGMA Artisan status.  

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Ree's Projects

This page is dedicated to Ree's work. 

Rees pups for her page.jpg

Also follow Ree on her Facebook page at...

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