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The kitchen is seen first as one rounds the corner to view the rear of the dollhouse.

It is of an open-floor concept with the home’s left entry foyer and offers a few modern amenities against an antique floral backdrop.

This room, with its peach hues, offered up more than one struggle to bring together.

Early on in construction, it was the scene of one of our electrical meltdowns.

In the end, it is a well-lit space featuring 4 ceiling fixtures.

We favored the wallpaper print having used it once before.

However, when reordering, we learned that it was no longer available.

Thus, much of this was reproduced by our home printer.

We are most pleased with the 12-piece formal kitchen collection in white.

This was our second purchase in an attempt at furnishing.

Its presence is expanded by two-tiered French Provincial styled center islands,

an Etsy shop find.

We found lining all of the cabinets and drawers with paper and detailing the shelves with rows of paper lace to be quite therapeutic as the hustle and bustle of the holidays approached.

For flooring, we installed a pre-made wood design by Inlay.

It is self-adhesive, required only varnishing,

and is much more intricate than that which we could have made.

A faux-marble tile in shades of orange was selected for the back splash.

The room was beginning to look very busy as we contemplated counter tops.

At this point, we considered leaving them white.

Gaining inspiration from a miniature butcher-block cutting board,

I purchased 2 sheets of ½ scale oak wood flooring.

I divided and cut the supply into thirds.

Leaving one piece plain,

I stained another with a pecan finish and the remaining one in walnut.

My sister took over next, cutting apart each wood strip.

After making cardstock templates,

she began piecing together the counters using double-sided tape.

I followed suit with a few remaining counters and added two coats of varnish to each.

We like the final look, yet they are removable to change things up if we tire of them.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and our Bed & Breakfast guests can be found gathering there with many activities underway.

Pierogi-making is taking place over by the stove.

These too are a favorite of our family’s,

which we would fill with either cheddar flavored whipped potatoes or homemade sauerkraut.

Dishes are being hand washed in the farm-style sink.

There is no automatic dishwasher within sight,

that - and the microwave, I’m guessing - are disguised by cabinetry.

Freshly baked Bundt cakes are awaiting vanilla, cherry, and chocolate frosting.

A tortoiseshell cat by Bridget McCarty,

designed in the likeness of our grand-cat Baylee is underfoot.

The grandparents are managing to concentrate on the daily news

and a knitting project among the mid-day chaos.

The window treatments are of my creation this time.

A trimmed topper of ivory checkered print overrides a leaf accented sheer

that is outlined inside and out with a row of small roses.

Another finishing touch are the set of Victorian transom grilles 

to delineate the eat-in left alcove.

Last, area rugs were created from an upholstery sample

to tone down and soften the space.

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