This page is dedicated to Ruby's Dollhouses...

Ruby's Victorian Painted Lady 

Dollhouse kit:

“The Painted Lady” kit by Real Good Toys

(expanded to 10 rooms)


Dollhouse Address:

302 Florence Way (named after her mom)          


Favorite Room:

So hard to pick- the Master Suite in Gold, the Cherub themed Living/Dining room featuring Cherub wallpaper, carpet, andirons, candlesticks, and light fixtures or the Rose Themed Master Bedroom.

Lessons learned:

Gluing oneself to the spiral stairway and a few wiring whoopsies involving smoke and blackened floors and walls!

Personal touches:

Portraits of granddaughter Stephanie- 1st floor foyer, granddaughter Alyssa- 2nd floor foyer, and daughter Charlene- 3rd floor foyer.


The house was completed in February of 2017, but she's always re-arranging and making or acquiring new pieces.

The Ashley by Ruby


Dollhouse kit:

The Newport by Real Good Toys

(expanded to 10 rooms)

Dollhouse Name:

in honor of her granddaughter born the year she completed it

Dollhouse Address:

2001 Bunny Lane

(the year completed and her street name at the time)

Favorite Room:

the rooster themed country kitchen featuring hand-painted furniture

Lessons learned:

to work with a dremel and soldering tools to install round wiring

Ruby's Fresh Cut Flowers


Customized second-hand room box

Completed in 2020


Flooring of hand-cut slate, grouted and sealed.