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Indoor Pool

The indoor pool is situated on the ground floor

(to the left of the foyer)

or to the right (as you view from the rear of the house).

I had envisioned this space long before house construction had gotten underway.

It began with the purchase of a vintage cobalt blue baking dish from an eBay merchant.

A set of LED lights provide the under-water lighting.

Assorted tile sheets were used to achieve the combination that I liked.


The water required 64 ounces of resin and hardener. 

After viewing a few instructional videos, my husband and I mixed

and bravely poured the first of two layers.

The father within the pool was the only piece secured in the first thickness.

So far, so good.

The second layer was added the next day. The little swimming girl, girl dipping her toe,

and the toys were imbedded during this pouring.

A short time later, I quickly assessed our work in response to hearing a loud popping sound. The project had created a good deal of heat (which I hadn’t anticipated)

and the finished “water” did separate from the “pool.”

We like it all the same though, and it was a very fun project!


Three of the room features include an exquisite chandelier

by Hoanie [Live a Little Miniature, Edmonton, Alberta, CA],

incorporating bright blue tube crystals;

a Beach Cabana Towel Cabinet which

I created from a Bath and Body Works Wallflower Plug;

and a Seashell Collection in a Gold Stand

from Dee Cirilli, representing 4 Mini Ladies,

at the Annual Westmoreland Hospital Auxiliary Dollhouse & Miniature Show,

Greensburg, PA.


The 8 dolls for the pool room certainly take center stage!

They were ordered [from Paola & Sara Miniature] very early on,

as I had been following them on Facebook, and Paola is so nice to work with!

Two of the children are named after my niece and nephew,

Ashley and Nicholas “Nick.”

Nick’s likeness, when he was younger, to that of this doll in the purple swim trunks is uncanny. He can’t decide just what he wants to do.

Sometimes he is ready to dive into the water.

At other times he is back-floating.

And yet, there are times when he is sporting his cute little slippers

wanting nothing to do with the water.


The dolls at the Queen Patricia center upon our 3 favorite styles

– the elaborate Edwardian,

the daring Flappers,

and the causal Modern.

You may notice the 1920’s features of two of the dolls.

They, too, are named for my nieces.

Tara is dipping her toe in the pool, and Janel is seated taking in all of the activity. 

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