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Girls Room

This girls’ bedroom is positioned between the bakery and the right master bedroom and contains The Queen’s right walnut stained staircase.

A sage green and gold striped fabric with fuchsia floral accents 

was selected for the room’s carpeting.

All credit goes to mom for designing and sewing the matching draperies.

The walls crème colored paper has a gold crackled pattern.

The gold-colored bed dressed by Jackie Cirillo, night table,

vanity and chair are fitting for times past and present.

The room’s art includes a painting of a young girl with a bird

and 4 matching gold frames displaying portraits

of The Queen’s original family of yesteryear.

The room may have once belonged to the girl centered

who has reappeared to locate her missing doll.

The scene is lit from above by another beautiful chandelier by Hoanie Yong,

this one featuring emerald green crystal tubes and five candles on brass arms.

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