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Trimeloni Estate

House Kit: Victoria's Farmhouse by Real Good Toys

Built: 2001

(This was the first dollhouse I've built)

Renovated: Summer 2019

All the acrylic windows had yellowed- really yellowed!

They have been replaced with glass.

The liquid nail used to apply the shingles had started to show through.

They are replaced with heart-shaped shingles by Aleccio Miniatures. 

(Available through Lynlott Miniatures and Manhattan Dollhouse)

A roof ridge was added.

The discolored bathroom flooring was updated.

Lighting was added to the third-floor ceiling.

Paint and varnish has been refreshed.

Enjoy finding Stephanie and Alyssa's mini-me's. 

The house is adorned with heart trims as this dollhouse welcomes  Those "Mini at Heart" who visit Trimeloni Lane. 

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