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Peacock Suite

This page now displays the spaces featured in the 209th issue (September 2020) of American Miniaturist! ...

The Peacock Suite of the Queen Patricia Bed & Breakfast Bakery & Boutique has been a collaboration between my family (DIYers) and international artisans, with a timeline extending over a year. This bedroom and adjoining bath were the final spaces in our mini-masterpiece to be completed. The main bones of the room are consistent with that of the house at large: swirled plastered ceilings painted bright white; ornately carved ceiling medallions in walnut (MiniLAND, CANADA); multi-globed light fixtures (Lynlott Miniatures, PA); and green-copper crackle papered walls with matching green wainscot and border by Karen’s Dollhouse Décor (The Little Dollhouse Company, CANADA). The walls’ top and bottom are accented with walnut stained dentil crown molding (MiniLAND, CANADA) and Victorian height baseboard (Hobby Builders Supply, GA).

Inspiration for the room’s peacock theme and jewel tones palette began in winter of 2019 with the purchase of a pair of Louis XVI chairs upholstered in Peacock Garden silk crepe from Susan Bembridge (Susan Bembridge Designs). This set, along with the romantic Grande Duchess bed with a wood frame in walnut and canopy posts and casters in brass were offered on Etsy by Carol Clarke (Carols Miniatures, UK).

We forwarded pictures of the bed to Diana Boyle (Miniature Lane, CT), who accepted the project of customizing the bed and window coverings, as well as hand-painting matching furnishings to fit the theme. Susan forwarded items to Carol within the UK, allowing us to save on international shipping costs, and we mailed items back and forth to Diana in the US, who lastly returned our commissioned pieces.

Diana re-upholstered the bed and bolsters, converting the original cream jacquard fabric to Susan’s peacock scene printed on cotton sateen. She chose a satiny gold fabric for the spread and assembled coordinating pillows, all quite stunning! The drapery fabric is the softest! Diana was disappointed that the fabric wouldn’t hold a pleat for her, yet we found the alternate look to be quite elegant. Next, she selected and transformed a mahogany stained Bespaq vanity. She envisioned, drew, laser cut, and painted peacocks to surround the vanity mirror and created a matching conversation table. Both pieces serve to unify the golden hues in the room.

In October of 2019 I came across a tutorial for a hardwood floor pattern presented on a Facebook group page (Dollhouse Miniatures Tutorials and DIY) by Kate Andrews. It took until spring of 2020 to find time to trial it. I incorporated my pre-stained and varnished wood strips (MiniLAND, CANADA), with the completed squares measuring a little over 3 inches. I finished the floor with 2 coats of glossy varnish consistent with the Queen Patricia’s neighboring rooms. I love the depth and elegance that the pattern portrays!

Finishing touches: using swatches from Diana, we refurbished a heart-shaped chair jewelry box for a vanity seat. We mounted a gold-bordered mirror on the right wall to reflect the bed and adhered a roaring 20’s clock with peacocks made of “Beautiful Board” by Renea (Reneabouquets, TX), which we painted to coordinate with the color scheme. Using the chain links and tassels from earrings and a necklace purchased at the local department store, we accented the window blinds and tied back the draperies. To the left, a chest of drawers sets ajar to reveal linens. An English Springer Spaniel puppy waits patiently at the room’s entrance.

I most recently found a dressed mannequin, “Peacock Fantasy” designed by Cheryl Sansom (All Truly Scrumptious), upon its arrival from the UK, it will be the perfect final scene accessory. With the Queen Patricia now complete, we assembled and filled the Peacock Suite with our Esther, Claudette, and Irene dolls by Dana Burton!

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