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“The Queen Patricia”

Her Story ... 
My mother, Ruby, had always dreamed of having a “Queen Anne" dollhouse by Real Good Toys. She shared this dream with our miniaturist friend Debbie McManus (owner of Lynlott Miniatures Dollhouse Junction in Pittsburgh, PA). As it turned out, Debbie had a friend "Pat" (Patricia Reilly Anderson) who shared that same dream. Unfortunately, Pat had recently passed away before completing her beloved Queen Anne. Her daughter had contacted Debbie about finding a new owner. So, long story short, my mom and I inherited Pat's unfinished Queen on July 30, 2017. I, afforded with more space, took her in at “Trimeloni Lane… Welcoming Those Mini at Heart”. And alas, "Queen Patricia" was born.
Our love for minis has always been a family affair. I lean upon mom, Aunt Nancy, and Aunt Pam for guidance and support. Together we frequent dollhouse shops and attend shows including “The Philadelphia Miniaturia”. Of course, we wouldn’t get by without tapping into our fellows as well, my dad (the contractor), brother (the electrician), and our hubbies have been tremendously helpful. I glean inspiration from these backdoor "Kit Bashers" as they have worked to double the sizes of their dollhouses. I was intrigued by an August 1, 2017 Facebook post by Connie Shilts Bigelow (owner of CJN Miniatures & More in Edmonds, WA) in which she and her staff created an extended Queen Anne for a customer by adjoining an additional dollhouse. So, within days of possessing the first, I envisioned two Queen Annes, the second built as a mirror image, adjoined by a two-story foyer with roof-top garden. 
As the project grew, I realized that we could incorporate a variety of themes. The indoor pool was the first must-have, as I'd always dreamed of having one in real life. The mansion, in its enormity, would easily serve as a Bed & Breakfast. I am partial to large open floor plans, and so accordingly, that which could have exceeded 20 rooms has been reduced to 18, plus the rooftop garden with matching conservatories and upper towers. The second-floor rooms bordering the foyer are generous in size and would have afforded additional bedrooms, however they were quickly surrendered in favor of a Bakery & Boutique.


My family varies in our preference for dollhouse eras. My mom and aunts have always favored Victorian-styled homes and dolls, and I the more modern (1980's and on). We were all enchanted by "The Titanic" (movie by James Cameron) and are in awe of the attire, along with that of the Downton Abbey series (by Julian Fellowes and co-produced by Carnival Films and Masterpiece). I love the vintage, elaborate Edwardian and Victorian furniture styles, such as those produced by "Bespaq," but have previously struggled to incorporate them and their availability is more limited today.

Taking into account the above influences ... we’ve lovingly created...

 "The Queen Patricia Bed & Breakfast Bakery & Boutique":

a Victorian Mansion constructed in 1918 on a lush, green hill overseeing a sandy beach and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Its original homeowners were a prosperous post-titanic era family, who resided there throughout the Roaring Twenties, entertaining until the early morning hours. When the great depression hit, the fully furnished home was left abandoned. It sat vacant for nearly 100 years, until its rescue in July of 2017. A family with aspirations of owning a Bed & Breakfast discovered the gem and together have restored it back to its original grandeur with modern touches. 
A grand opening celebration was held on Sunday, July 29, 2018 (commemorating the first anniversary of our ownership). Those in attendance took a majestic tour of "The Queen Patricia", a masterpiece filled with Victorian pieces and customized dolls. 


As a lady guest lies sleeping in the second-floor-right master, she is swept away in dreams of those who once hosted grand receptions downstairs. Visitors appreciate an assortment of occupants spanning from 1918 through those of today, who may surely inspire dreams of their own. 

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