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Miss Adelina, our flamingo

[by Aristocratic Attic]

introduces The Queen Patricia’s Boutique...

Adelina is a very special purchase from Tom Bishop’s

2019 Chicago International, 

“The World’s Largest & Finest Miniature Show.”


She’ll exit the 2nd floor grand foyer to the left via one of two pair of Pollinade French double doors. [a Bespaq Design by Majestic Mansions, from Manhattan Dollhouse, NY]

This space is 15 inches wide and 22 inches deep.


Beginning at the top, the plastered ceiling peaks out from behind a gold-colored scene of angels blowing their trumpets.

This feature was made from a household doily that mom came upon.

The space is lit with three ceiling chandeliers and two wall sconces

[from Minimum World] that reflect within a mirror [Michaels]

centered on the back wall behind the shop’s counters.

[from MiniLAND, Victoria, BC, Ca]

The walls are papered with a print by Itsy Bitsy Mini called Victorian Cream. [Lynlott Miniatures, Pittsburgh, PA]

Ecru lace curtains provide warmth.

The floors are again of our own design and made from hand-laid walnut and oak stained wood strips with additional varnishing.

[by MiniLAND, Victoria, BC, Ca]

Our boutique attendant is a doll made by Paola Ragonesi.

[of Paola & Sara Miniature, Falconara Marittima, AN Italy]

She oversees a customer sampling the hats and fur stoles of an exquisite collection adorning mannequins by Annette Shaw.

[from The Little Hatter]

A carousel from the Platinum Collection by Town Square Miniatures

[purchased through Hobby Builders Supply, Atlanta, GA] offers books.

Jewelry, art, flowers, candles, handbags, perfumes, doll babies,

and home décor comprise the remaining items for sale.


A favorite customized piece is our lady case fashioned from

a Christmas Tree ornament. She is wearing a hat and holding a rose,

both for sale.

Her two-shelves are filled with hand-made, monogrammed gift

bags and tissue papers to commemorate QP Boutique purchases.


From vintage to modern, collectibles from 1918 through 2018 can be found!

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