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Today we will explore The Queen Patricia’s Bakery.

It is 15 inches wide and 22 inches deep.

We’ll exit the 2nd floor grand foyer to the right through one of the

2 pair of Pollinade French double doors.

[a Bespaq Design by Majestic Mansions,

from Manhattan Dollhouse, NY]

The Bakery is open to B&B guests from 6AM to 6PM.

This setting rests upon a large mirror centered upon a dark walnut wood floor

and outlined with peach and black accented wood trim.

[by Inlay Product World Inc., Swarthmore, PA]

The mirror reflects three 5-arm chandeliers with gold/white shades

[from Minimum World]

and gold filigree accents on the ceiling above.

When empty the mirror tricks the eye,

making the bakery appear as a two-story space.

The furnishings include a 6-piece light-yellow set of counters and shelves

[from Minimum World] that we’ve accented with gold filigree

and light-green patterned papers to match the room’s wall paper

called Aqua Aurora Floral, also an Itsy Bitsy Mini Print.

[purchased through Dollhouses, Trains & More, Novato, CA].

The tables [Hobby Builders Supply, Atlanta, GA] provide seating for 12.

Table tops have been upgraded to glass [at Geistown Screen & Glass, Johnstown, PA]

and are engraved “The Queen Patricia Bakery.”

[by Cummings Trophies & Engraving, Johnstown, PA].

Matching light green appliances

[from GlobalMiniatures, Chiang Rai, Thailand, via Etsy] can be spied throughout.

The QP team, joined by my sister Stacey and niece Ashley,

gathered for several days to make most of the desserts.

Use of kits by Ruth Stewart [Stewart Dollhouse Creations, Fort Benton, MT]

allows us novices to create masterpieces.


An exception is the purple cake showcasing the Queen’s name,

a gift from our furniture maker, Diana [Miniature Lane, via Etsy].


Richard, our baker, named after my little brother- our family go-to in the kitchen, another piece by Paola [of Paola & Sara Miniature, Falconara Marittima, AN Italy]

is starting some cake batter.

B&B guests can visit a complimentary coffee bar.

In additional to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, pastries, and breads,

the bakery features an ice cream parlor.

Topped with a blender and soda fountain,

it is stocked with four dozen cones, syrups, whipped cream, and choices of vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, Neapolitan, cherry vanilla, mint chocolate, and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors. Sundaes, banana splits, shakes and floats are made to order.


The centered ice cream feature is our mini-replica tribute

to a 9-pound banana split  (yes you've read that right!)

offered at the Poky Dot Restaurant in Fairmont, West Virginia.

This life-sized treat was the highlight

of our travels during this past summer’s vacation.

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