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Charlene's Dollhouse Gallery …
(links to individual pages for most houses below)

The Trimeloni Estate

The Alexandria (Kit by Duracraft)

Wallhouse by Pam

Victorian completed by Pam


Marx Mansion with Garden Room & Garage

Tara (by Don Hollern)


Secret Christmas House 1/144 Scale (Kit by Robin Betterley's Miniatures) w interiors & furnishings

The Carmelita (by Paul Bronder)

Lady Charlene at Christmas (The Bay Mansion by Walmer)

Street of Shops (Kits by Houseworks) Have 4 Shops

The Newberg (Kit by Duracraft)

The Sweetheart (Kit by Duracraft)

Mini Queen Patricia


Farmer's Market by Charlene

Butterfly Cottage (The Allison kit by Artply)

Ann's Retreat (Furnished Birdfeeder)

Travel Trailer Dollhouse Kit by Greenleaf

Travel Trailer (Kit by Greenleaf)

Lisa's Cottage (Kit by Houseworks)

Clarkson Craftsman Mansion (Kit by Laser Dollhouse Designs)


Charlene’s Tuscan Villa Bistro & Art Gallery

Copper Haven Lodge (Shenandoah Log Cabin Kit by DuraCraft)

Lady Antionette (built by Lee Blayden from Second Empire Victorian Plans by Doll Domiciles)

Purple Cottage (Nick's Cottage Kit by Young at Heart)

Lady Hannah (The San Franciscan kit by DuraCraft)

goldrushbay houses

HO Scale 1/87 Houses (5) by Goldrushbay

Mini at Heart in Miniature Dollhouse by Paul Bronder

Lady Marie

Lady Marie (Beacon Hill by Greenleaf)


"Avon Calling" Cottage

Dora Kuhn German Dollhouse & Furnishings

Dora Kuhn Dollhouse & Furnishings

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