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Sandbridge Parlor


a mother and daughter once shared personal letters over a morning cup of tea,

as golden retriever Chloe anxiously awaited her owners’ approval

for a walk on the beach.

In the forefront,

a wooden compass inset in the floor directs guests to take in the ocean view

to the east through the French doors.

A portrait of the sun rising over the Atlantic,

taken from our good friend’s home at Sandbridge Beach, Virginia,

hangs on the left wall and gives the parlor its name.

The teal and white wallpaper provides a nautical backdrop.

The left side of the room features a hand-made and painted wicker settee,

table, pillows, and serving tray.

The right side hosts an impressive Seashore Sideboard.

Left of the door sits an ocean themed chair.

Shells fill a basket and centerpieces.

Last, a ships wheel and varied ocean finds made of white clay adorn the walls.

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