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Butterfly Cottage


Photo Gallery Following Description

Butterfly Cottage... 

is based upon the Allison Kit

{by Artply, a New York based dollhouse company in the 80's}.  

It was gifted to me on May 21, 2019 from friends Greg & Patty.

(It could also have been The Whitney or The Cambridge kit

by alternate companies) 

It was already assembled and painted.

Upon receipt I envisioned it as an English Cottage,

such as that in the rural town of Surrey featured in

"The Holiday."

(One of my favorite movies,

a 2006 film starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet)

Although neither of the movie's characters reside here,

the cottage was soon inhabited by Lizza.

She is made from a doll kit

{from Dana Burton} 

containing a vintage handkerchief.  

Without a pattern, we were asked to create her attire.

I made her a "high-low dress", matching hat, and purse.

[See her on our new "Dolls" page]

The dollhouse was transformed in spring of 2020,

this "Shelter in Place" makeover began with a stone facade

{embossed paper from Greece}

and gray paper - exposing just the smallest peak of the houses' original pink exterior on the left side.

Being very pleased with the stone paper,

I selected a paper with a rounded slate-look for the roof,

from the same vendor (starboc1 on eBay).

However, delivery delays due to Covid 19 led this to be

the final update to be done and delayed sharing

the final project until after the 4th of July.

Hand-cut and painted stones form

the front path and rear patio

{drink carriers/cup holders from Mickey D's}.

The garden is composed of flowers, grass, and m0sses

collected from a year's worth of excursions to craft stores. 

The fence is hand-made of decorative sticks and painted.

Wisteria and fuchsia flowers wrap the cottage with color.

(see stone and garden construction photos

on our Mini at Heart Project page for June)


The mini trees are REAL souvenirs,  

from a forest hike, preserved with 2 coats of acrylic spray. 

Three teeny little houses can be spotted in the lawn, 

two feature mushrooms and the third is built upon a nutshell

{all by Alice of "HouseSmall," New York} 

The butterfly lawn furnishings

{Town Square Miniatures} 

were luckily discovered at Lynlott Miniatures

and perfectly solidified the theme. 

Early on, I decided against strictly adhering to 1:12 scale

when selecting inside prints and adornments. 

With an exception of the bedroom,

all the walls are papered with memory album pages from

"Sweet Ambrosia" by Recollections

purchased at Michael's Craft store.

Also finding there the pink variegated papered "wood" floors

ground each of the 5 rooms.

I scaled down the print by drawing in

additional rows of planks and "nails."

Most of the matching white furnishings with floral accents 

are of a large set also gifted to me,

by neighbors of a friend. 

The bed was one such piece and I dressed it

in time to enter with Lizza in Dana's spring contest.

A thank you goes out to mom for the very soft light pink 

"furry" fabric, and assorted pink trims and laces. 

The kitchen furnishing were recycled

- each repainted, papered and modge-podged.

The large set of dishes with pink roses 

were another great find at Lynlott Miniatures. 

Much of the wall decor, Lizza's footstool, 

the shower curtain cascading from the ceiling mirror,

the kitchen cat clock

{a Betsey Johnson earring}

are a few of my fun mini-creations. 

Taking center stage in the 2nd floor dressing room

is a table set {by Martina of Minicler}.

Her pieces are too exquisite to place against a wall. 

This collection traveled over 4,000 miles from  Abertamy, Czechia and arrived in less than 1 week!  

The pink crocheted pineapple "rug" in this space is one of only a few heirlooms from my late grandmother, Florence.

The scene also came with the tea set with tray

featured on the living room buffet

and the clock and flowers on the fireplace mantle.

The dimensional glitter accented cherub artwork 

hanging above the fireplace is a holiday ornament 

found within a miniature estate collection I acquired.

Someone previously had saw potential in it;

I wish they could see the statement  it now makes! 

For lighting, I adhered a $12 battery operated LED 45 light string

{purchased at Michael's Craft store}

to trim cut to fit the rear of the house and painted white.

It works nicely to accent shelving

and illuminate the bedroom and bath from above. 

Next, I "installed" LED chandeliers (4)

{from Manhattan Dollhouse}

to highlight each room.

In summer of 2019,

I had purchased an assortment of butterflies

{by Renea of Reneabouquets}. 

Taking advantage of decorating outside of scale,

the idea developed to adorn with them  

and to name the project "Butterfly Cottage." 

Several of Renea's vintage laces

are also used for curtains within the dollhouse.

Lastly, Lizza needed something to get her into town on occasion, hope you like her pink 55 Thunderbird.

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