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Queen Patricia's Blueprint

  • Consists of 2 Queen Anne Dollhouse kits by Real Good Toys with a customized 2-story foyer and a roof-top garden adjoining them

  • 10 feet long and 4 feet high!

  • Rests upon four 30-inch-wide cabinets with a customized “grass-covered” plywood top

  • Her colors are of “Breathtaking” milled siding, accented by “Awesome Violet, Gentian, and Valiant Violet” balanced with “Extra White,” all by Sherwin-Williams, Co.

  • Shingles are stained with Golden Pecan Wood Finish, shingles and trims are varnished with Clear Gloss Polyurethane, both products are by Minwax


She has:

  • 22 rooms including the two 4th floor towers and 2 conservatories  

  • 48 windows including 12 double and 36 single

  • window grids are formed in a diagonal pattern

  • each window has a latch made of a post earring back

  • a center foyer entry with 7 glass panes (upgraded from acrylic), engraved side glass panes, upgraded doorknobs, a door knocker, mailbox, and gold beading on the panels

  • 5 exterior doors including the 19 ½ inch center, 2 double and 2 single

  • 18 plastered ceilings made using dry wall compound, paint, brushes, and mini trials

  • 13 interior doors including 4 French and 9 single, and 5 open doorways  

  • 116 Fleurs (each Queen Anne Kit contains 29)

  • 483 spindles and 53 turnposts (each Queen Anne kit contains 79 spindles and 158 dowels; each dowel has been upgraded to a spindle)

  • 2 conservatories with 12 glass panes in each (upgraded from acrylic), painted purple accents, an added row of block trim with fleurs, and gold beading on panels

  • 25 “Lattice” panels (made of crafting plastic canvas mesh) anchored by 46 porch bases

  • Lighting/Wiring:

  • 34 chandelier/ceiling fixtures, 6 sconces, and 8 outside coaches

  • total bulb count of 152!

  • over 60 outlets for lamps, fireplace logs, etc.

  • Tape wiring- over 55 feet divided into 4 circuits

  • a 300-watt transformer (off-label use)

  • 16 wood ceiling medallions

  • 3 staircases including a center double, a left, and a right

  • 3 fireplaces

  • flooring made from wood strips customized into Herringbone, parquet, and bordered patterns.

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