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Dining Room

Sitting to the left of the grand foyer, the room is done in baby blue,

while pops of red draw your eye to the roses in the draperies,

and the strawberry-printed dishes lining the buffet, china cabinet, and plate racks.

The lighting includes a pair of Russian styled chandeliers with free-flowing crystals around a cobalt blue bowl and ornate brass chains by Hoanie Yong,

 and a double-candled wall sconce centered over a blue and white cameo,

aka the Grantleigh and a candelabra on the fireplace.

The window décor is mom’s grand finale.

The fabric is cotton with a sheen and muted stripe.

The swags are accented with blue mini-tasseled trim, silk roses, and a fine gold chain. 

This room is graced with the second of The Queen’s three fireplaces.

The carved furnishings are that of the Ysabelle set by Bespaq and includes

the buffet, china cabinet, 2 tables, and 8 chairs, all done in walnut.

“The Berit” highchair, a roll top wine cabinet,

and a wheeled tea cart also fill in the space.

A portrait of a young lady in a blue dress

with pink roses reflects the candlelight from above.

The floor is hand-laid in a herringbone pattern,

made up of over 800 hand-cut pieces,

and framed with a dimensional border of walnut, sycamore, black, and blue.

A large area rug and matching runner adds warmth.

Our 1920’s flapper era couples are joining friends for dinner.

Edward waits by the china cabinet until the ladies are seated.

The tables are adorned with blue patterned china.

The menu includes glazed ham decorated with pineapple slices and cherries, stuffed poultry, whipped white potatoes, gravies, candied yams, corn, coleslaw, cranberry sauce, rolls, and pumpkin pie for dessert.

These items grace our personal tables at most holidays.

Centerpieces include a silver-plated cruet set and a vintage walnut sugar bowl

- a hand-crafted gift from Ibrahim Kacar.      

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