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The Lady Charlene at Christmas 

Dollhouse Kit:

“The Bayside Mansion” by The Walmer Company



50 inches wide x 56 inches tall x nearly 30 inches deep 

10  huge rooms + open 3rd floor + 3 porches + open top balcony

 1st floor with traditional 12-inch high ceilings!

Dollhouse Address:

421 Judy Avenue 

(named for my birth date, the dollhouse's first owner, and after my sister)          



This "to die for" dollhouse of the 1980's

was built by Earl Bernard

for Judy Lynch, founder of Lynlott Miniatures.

At the time, one was featured in the window

of The Hallmark Card Store in Shadyside/Walnut Street.

In approximately 1986,

this dollhouse was donated in memory

of Judy Lynch and Dr. Ralph Lynch

for an auction to benefit

The Mercy Hospital Pediatric Burn Unit, Pittsburgh, PA.

Thanks to Sally Harden,

thousands of dollars were raised. 

Long story short... 

the dollhouse winner has long passed,

and her family entrusted Lynlott Miniatures

to find its new owner.  

Judy's Presence: 


visiting Lynlotts with her mom and aunt

on Tuesday, June 4th of 2019,

was about to go home nearly empty-handed,

when in just a moment's time,

the desire to purchase this Bayside Beauty overtook her. 

Within days she determined the house name and Christmas theme -

only later learning of the dollhouse's history and the similarities with her plans.

We truly believe that

someone was watching over this dollhouse in that mini-shop in Aspinwall that day. 


It is interesting

that the house is shown dressed for Christmas,

with images of nurses caring for the children in the auction photo.

"So, how perfect is this,

naming it the Lady Charlene (a nurse) at Christmas. 

Destiny! "

-  Debbie Lynch McManus,

Judy's daughter and protégé,

current owner of Lynlott Miniatures



She has great bones,

yet she can benefit from a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper, and carpeting, 

and is in need of all new wiring and lighting.

As with any other historical restoration, 

we have hopes to preserve her original charm. 

A Christmas theme for this beautiful house

will make for an exciting scavenger hunt that will take us well into the 2020's. 

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