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Constructing the Queen Patricia 

Thank You to Our First Top 5:

  1. Debbie McManus from Lynlott Miniatures, Pittsburgh, PA for expertise, support, and connections.

  2. Alex from MiniLAND, Victoria Canada, for center entry front, staircases, doors, ceiling medallions, fireplaces, flooring strips, and furnishings – all in walnut-stained wood.

  3. Paola from Paola & Sara Miniature, Italy, for our featured dreaming lady guest.

  4. Jennifer from Real Good Toys for supplies to expand and customize the Queen Anne kit.

  5. Craig from Cir-Kit Concepts, Inc. for wiring trouble-shooting.

Thank You to Our Second Top 5:

  1. Hoanie from Live A Little Miniature, Canada, for customized light fixtures.

  2. Paola from Paola & Sara Miniature, Italy, for one-of-a-kind dolls.

  3. The Little Dollhouse Company, Canada, for wallpaper sets

  4. Hobby Builders Supply “our go to” for trims, accessories, and the purchase of our 2nd Queen Anne RGT kit.

  5. Bespaq Direct, for vintage furnishings.

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