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Picture/story release schedule:

Dear Queen Patricia Website Visitors,

We are honored to have our second article published in the October Issue (186) of American Miniaturist "AM" Magazine!

We are also very appreciative of those with shops and artisans who have given us opportunities to purchase items to build and fill our Queen! There are a handful of folks who we wish to recognize for really helping to make this project stand out, so be sure to check out our Top 5 Lists on our Resources Page.

AM subscribers get to tour The Queen Patricia first, so I'm sharing a schedule that runs 3 or so months behind that of our AM articles.

Queen Patricia's Website picture/story release schedule:

December 2018: 2 story open Foyer and indoor pool

January 2019: Nursery, playroom, girls room, and boys room

February 2019: Game and billiard rooms, and 3rd floor cherub themed bath

March 2019: Bakery & Boutique

April 2019: teen girls room, Sandbridge Parlor, and Living room

May 2019: Kitchen & Diningroom

June 2019: Remaining rooms and nooks and crannies

In the interim, enjoy our site! Mobile users be sure to click open the menu at the top right of our home page and check out those Sneak Peeks and Places we've visited!

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